Friday, September 24, 2010

September 23, 2010

While Ohio has had some spectacular weather lately, none of it has come this way. It's good not to have had the damaging winds, but we haven't gotten much of the rain either and everything is just crispy. It was as hot and windy yesterday evening as a July afternoon, and it occurred to me to worry about fire. It was an appropriate worry, since today as I post this, several brush and crop fires burn south of Columbus, and the rain has missed us here yet again.

Yesterday though, turkey vultures sailed in an expanse of blue.

The white snakeroot (Eupatorium rugosum) in the woods is blooming, but it's struggling and not as widespread and luxuriant as last year.

Black walnuts litter the ground under the big tree.

A lot of the herbaceous plants have just folded up the tent and that includes most of the milkweed. Adult large milkweed bugs crowd onto whatever remaining green seed pods they can find.
It's interesting that the bugs on this drying pod arranged themselves like the seeds. It's a good trick--I didn't notice them until after I took the picture!

A lot of butterflies are still making use of the goldenrods and asters. This pearl crescent paused for a moment on an aging Queen Anne's Lace, then flew off.

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